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19 12 2007



Students today leaders tomorrow, I know very well these words are not a joke. I felt from the very first time of my carrier in the higher education, students with a casual style, in the beginning, looked no one and have nothing. But after finishing their study in five, ten to 15 years they become someone and have something. So try always to treat them as good as you can give. Look into their eyes, read them, and guess what they should be in the future.  Your prediction should not be too far from the reality.

Once in the middle of the semester, I asked the students:”What’s your dream ? Have you got any objectives in the next ten years ?”

Feel strange, wondering, stare at me. Empty face, nothing to say. Indeed, they don’t even think, that such a question could be even appeared in the class of Research Design, the so called subject. Class conducted in english, difficult in the beginning only, after mid-time, it works well without any problem.

And the assignment the week after is writing in a piece of paper,  what is their dream, what they want to be in ten years. The following text chosen among 12 papers to be published, expecting the whole world witnesses the big dreams of a student.-


MY DREAM, written by XXX, student in Mechanical Engineering Magister Program, University of Indonesia. In twenty years ahead:

1. I am sitting in a big mosque with my friends, in one of the villages in Lampung, teaching about 100 villagers, male and female, about Islam, management of life, etc. All of them are listening with excitement. They are workers in my chocolate fabric in that village. The cocoa is gathered from the villagers’ plantation, which is about 2000 hectares wide. All of us have been like one big family. The workers have good discipline and high motivation in working, because they realize that working is one of the way to humble to Allah. The villagers are paid with high salary, and they also have part in the corporation’s capital investment. The village itself is clean, beautiful, fresh air everywhere, no useless activities, the young people are good students in their free-payment school in that village.

Together, we are establishing Baitul Maal, that can help the farmers in other villages. We develop a healthy syariah-based economic condition. We are helping the poor, giving fund to the unmarried young men, and taking care of the orphants and sick people. Other area surround us begin to copy what we have done in our village. May Allah bless what we have done.

2. I am sitting in my veranda, in my pretty small house, looking at my flowers and the trees on my wide yard, while my wife and my daughters are preparing cookies on the table. We are waiting for my son, who is coming from Egypt, to take a vacation after his spring course term in Al Azhar Senior High School. In front of me, is my laptop, I’m finishing my fifth book, because the publisher has asked me to finish it right away. They called this morning, “Professor Yahya, excuse us, could you finish the book before next month?” So I replied,”Well, Insya Allah I will try, but you have to understand that I’m preparing the examination for my students in University of Lampung. So let’s see by the end of this month.., thank you.

3. It’s still 3 o’clock in the morning, when I’m walking together with my wife, my children, and also my parents on a very crowded street in Makkah Al Mukarromah. We are going to Masjidil Haram, to pray tahajjud and Subuh there. The sky is still dark, but a strong light of faith is flamming in every of us,  hoping only for the mercy from Allah. This is the second time I go here to hajj, after I go hajj for the first time when I was taking my doctoral degree at King Saud University in Riyadh, sixteen years ago.


Notes: Name of student will be published later after certain consideration.-(Raldi A. Koestoer, 01.00 WIB, 19 Des 07, Arafah’s day to Muzdalifah and Mina).-

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  1. yaya/istri alm hendro wijaya wrote on 05. March 2008 at 5:22 pm o'clock                  

    mas Raldi.. apa kabar, mbak Yanti jg apa kabar..
    sdh lama ndak kontak..
    saya kehilangan nomor mas dan mbak
    saya dan mahasiswa UNPAK bogoar ingin bertanya dengan mas..
    kemana kami harus berkunjung jika ingin bersilaturahmi
    mohon memberitahu saya.
    ini no hp saya 08176054060 atau melalui imel saya saja
    maaf bukan respon yang saya kirim..
    yang pasti… saya terkagum-kagum waktu pertama kali menemukan website mas dan mbak…
    sekali lagi.. salam hangat dari kami…
    ###Yaya/ istri alm HendroWijaya -pemain oboe.

  2. Hakim Nova wrote on 04. May 2008 at 9:41 am o'clock                  

    Untuk Yaya/istri alm Hendro Wijaya,
    Perkenalkan nama saya Hakim, temen lama Hendro waktu masih kuliah di IKJ-TIM. Maksud saya ingin mengkonfirmasi apa bener Hendro ini yang pemain oboe yang ikut twilight orchestra-nya Addie MS? Karena saya udah kehilangan kontak selama 20 tahun. Mohon dibalas, terima kasih.


  3. remonlapisa wrote on 10. December 2009 at 1:40 pm o'clock                  

    If proffesor raldy asked me what my life goals 10 years ahead?
    certainly a lot of plans in the brain that can be written.

    My goals for the future is 10 years old, soon to finish the doctoral, the best place that I can achieve. determination and efforts should be strengthened in order to make it happen, by the way keep learning and learning. I am aware, had a late start, but it does not matter. Because not too late to education. Lifelong education
    But most of all is that I want to be someone who is useful for all people, especially my family. I hope to be able to educate children to
    can be more successful I exaggerate, or even follow in the footsteps raldy professor, or even more. And find happiness of the world and the hereafter

    Ask guidance from the professor, hopefully no too late to succeed
    success for us all prof

  4. martolis wrote on 10. December 2009 at 3:44 pm o'clock                  

    I will make something what useful for my country and people, because the success man is if he can make other man success…..

    Later i hope and in my pray, I have to have company in my village like Wind Turbine and water Turbine Company, Scraper company into lake, Aircraft Company, I will have Mosque, Park, School and University for research…..I will built these for make solution for our Country….because What?
    If you live in Metropolitan area you certainly need to prepared to get out in a hurry to some pre-arranged area of retreat far from any city….by Herry Brown

    And for be gain these, be gain from small, from now and from myself.
    Ask Guidance from prof, I hope full…and success for all

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