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15 01 2008


Road Map

Alat uji dan pengujian EP
H/C sink by air
H/C sink by water
H/C sink by Heat-pipe

Platform (Template) EP system
Seri or Paralel or both

Modul of air
Up to 50 W
Up to 200 W
Modul of Water

Product base on air
Vaccin carrier and blood carrier
Product base on water
Air Conditioning System
Other cooling system
Cool-Hot box
Cryogenics for medical purpose based on Peltier-heatpipe combination

Electrical Power Generator based on Peltier Element (Seebeck Effect)

Roadmap of Peltier development will be conducted by


Tebak siapa yang mau mendirikannya ?

Ah jangan bilang gak tahu…

Nandy Putra… Nah tahu kan. Kalo saya Cuma bantu-bantu aja dan ngomporin.


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