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14 08 2008

Hari ini tgl 14 Agustus 2008, saya menemukan sebuah blog yang salah satu artikelnya berkaitan dengan ceramah saya satu tahun yang lalu. Saya copy paste saja langsung, dan blogger mania yang ingin mengetahui lebih banyak tentang sumbernya, silakan klik di:
Blog Entry Prof Raldi Oct 7, ‘07 12:01 PM
for everyone

Discussion with Prof. Raldi

14th August 2007, Boys Scout’s day?,… Well, No, this was about a meeting that we had with prof. Raldi. Who is he? you can check it out on google, okay? But definitely, He’s a very qualified person. TOP person! What a great, I could met him and got knowledge about life that was inspiring a lot.

U know, thAT he’s not only very smart, but he is a nice person and his style was very cool. The way he delivered his speech or info was very interesting. And he’s also a member of a band! Prof band of University of Indonesia. He can play Flute, Guitar and compose a song.

He told us many things in a very short time, coz it was only about 40 minutes.  There’re several points that I want to share here from the meeting with him;

  • Change! choose the right time,  when will you start it soon. make it as a very special moment.
  • Knowing your self better! What kind of person you are, what smart are you, and everything about ur self. Develop it!
  • Mind map everything. Make mind mapping as ur style, a habbit. so when you make a note, anything, use mind mapping. Coz it is good for u to improve and develop ur intelligence, not only right but also left brain. And it make us think systematically.
  • Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. We learn from the mistaken. And when we learn a language, what ever, specially English, please remember to do “Hajar aja Bleh!”, means; don’t worry of making a mistaken, don’t think of the grammar or pronunciation. JUst, “Hajar aja Bleh!”, don’t be sHy too. You know that he could mastery  an English language for only 3 months! Then, we can do it too.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk alone on an empty street. Means, don’t worry to be different with others.

I’m kind of person who love people who can inspire others like prof Raldi, coz I love and need a spirit very much.

Actually there’re many things other, but I couldn’t explain them all.

and Coz we only had a meeting in a very short time, we plan to invite him again to school for a whole day seminar.

Ok, then c u with another report from the meeting with prof Raldi

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