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Tripod Tower

29 01 2009


This is a tripod for handphone made by myself. I have two HP one Sony-Erricson of w800i model, and other is a nokia of E90. Do you know how many videos already been upload to youtube since one year ago ? Guess… more then three hundreds.. a lot ha ? All made using this kind of tripod. Then I try to give a name for this famous stuff:

Handphone Tripod Tower

What do you think ? Excellent haa.. genious ever ?

Let me show the tripod..


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14 comments so far

  1. saya wrote on 29. January 2009 at 4:29 pm o'clock                  

    Terkadang sy berpikir, bapak bs aja ya nulis seperti kata2 di atas…
    terkadang sy renungkan, koq sy tdk bs mengaktualisasikan diri sy dgn kata2 spt di atas…
    terkadang sy berharap Keberanian, ketekunan, keteguhan, dan kejujuran yang ada, koq tdk bs sy perlihatkan…

    Dengan tanpa berpikir, renungan, dan harapan… ocehan, cemohan ataupun lecehan akan sy peroleh dari siapa sj yg entah (mungkin + or -)???Apakah hrs dipikirkan, direnungkan dan dijadikan harapan sebagai evaluasi diri thd sbh kemampuan???

  2. Chairul Hudaya wrote on 31. January 2009 at 7:09 pm o'clock                  

    Excellent haa… hahaha

  3. yuyu wrote on 09. February 2009 at 8:48 am o'clock                  

    Prof, ikutan lomba buat video…itung-itung ksempatan u nunjukin kemampuan si Tripod Tower…
    infonya ada di http://mytechblogs.com/humannetwork /2009/01/ 11/abn-gelar- lomba-foto- dan-video- human-network/

  4. yendoel wrote on 18. March 2009 at 9:26 am o'clock                  

    keren pak! creative and genius!!!

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