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Stoppress Energi jadi BukanEnergi

28 02 2009


pose dg flute

Been working since long time in the University. Boring with such a system, change a bit a paradigm, now I’ve been trying to build a ‘learning’ company for a fresh graduate to be trained for one day they become a real entrepreneur.

Want to share many things to improve the human quality of life. How to be a healthy people ? How to achieve the goals in your life..? La vie est bien facile et tres interresant.. ne manquez jamais a profiter.. DON’T MISS IT.

Weblog complet about me can be seen in


made before 2003.

Some other docs could also be read in http://koestoer.blogspot.com/

Dibawah ini contoh tulisan tangan saya:

Tulisan tangan

Awal Juli 2008 dalam piknik keluarga ke Beijing, ada

Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall di Guangzhou… Sangat mengesankan.-

Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall

Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall

Tentu kami berempat (dengan Lina istri, Lulu anak, Ridwan ponakan) mampir juga di Tian An Men Square di Beijing, ini fotonya.

Tian An Men Square

Tian An Men Square

Editing 24 Juli 2008.

Tadi pagi Chairul Hudaya datang ke kantor saya, dia lagi libur sambil penelitian di Indonesia katanya. Dan atas anjurannya saya diminta masang no HP disini, sekalian aja emailnya deh ya.

HP: +62816-1992186

Email : koestoer@eng.ui.ac.id

Sementara itu dulu.-


19 Sep 08

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