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Berita The Professors Band; Nuju Java Jazz 2008 (7-9Maret) | 25 / 02 / 2008 | 6

Berita The Professors Band; Nuju Java Jazz 2008 (7-9Maret).

 Ahad sore kemarin jam 4 saya sambil malas nenteng flute yang nada F nya gak bunyi, masuk Odessa di Dharmawangsa. Tempat ini merupakan ruko yang diisi dengan café dan studio musik, mungkin ada kantor lagi diatasnya, tak tahulah. Sudah sering TPB latihan disini, lumayan operaternya kooperatif, alat [...]

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Hard to say I'm sorry | 1 / 02 / 2008 | 17

First, turn on louder your speaker you will listen a beautiful song
that will never end by the time.
And please click this image of youtube
Do u really love this one ?
You know guyz, I love it a lot. Please tell me by whisper in my ear..
From the deepest in your heart.
You think that this song will [...]

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